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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thursday 24th feb - Peach Melba

Thursday 24th feb - Melbs.
Finally the luck bug has hit me square on in the forehead, and I like it!
So I got it, the house of dreams I mean. I went for the interview and was strangely nervous, nothing to do with the fact that I had built this up into monumental proportions in my head or anything….
So the other guys in the house seem very chilled and lovely, they showed me round the palatial weatherboard house, with generous back garden complete with overflowing, bountiful veggie patch…yes, that’s right a veggie patch…this house is more Byron than the one I had IN Byron!
My room has high ceilings and more than enough room to swing several litters of kittens. Plus, I have access to a small, shared studio with one of the other girls who is a print maker….cant wait to ferret amongst the trash to see what sort of easel I can knock up. I am having the most overwhelming urges to paint big canvases, and low and behold, here is a house where I can do just that! I keep having these visions that I should paint the colourful, wonky stories that come up when ever I write poetry… so this is my inspiration.
So Iain, called me this morning to say that yes, they had picked me to move in and would I like to move in tonight…to which I of course replied “yes please.”
Tonight, my friends, is a big night for me, for the first time since December12th 2010 I will be sleeping within my very own (well, rented) 4 walls!.... I shall have my own bed, and I shall ceremonially be unpacking my suitcase for the first time in 3 months! this brings a slight tear to my eye I must confess as the excitement overwhelms….
I shall now over the next few days endeavour to fill my roomy nest with all things lovely, including incense, pretty flowers and loving thoughts.
As a celebration, today I ventured to Crossways the Hari Krishna place on Swanston Street, which I had been informed of thru my dear friend Helen who swore by their chocolate pudding.
I piled in thru the tiny door and was herded up the stairs with the other 20 odd people who all had the same idea at 1.45pm on a Thursday afternoon. We walked into the long thin room, which was filled with wooden tables. At one end, stood the glowing hot ban maree full of bubbling dahl and mountains of fluffy rice. Each and every person in the room was smiling contentedly to them selves, and the workers were all singing along to the Krishna chants, while handing out fresh flower garlands. A huge jolly looking man with a bindi came over to me and handed me one he had just finished threading and said, “for you, to make you smile!” and it did all right. The smell was incredible and I felt truly lucky to have been given a gift of such intricate delicacy, which smelled so heavenly. I vowed to keep it and hang it in my room as soon as I moved in. A Hari Krishna, flower garland that has been officially blessed, not much of a better house-warming gift than that I say!
So I dutifully qued up and paid my 6 dollars 50, to be handed an enormous plate of yummy tofu and vegetable dahl, along with a pile of rice and crumbled popadoms sprinkled over the top. Next I was given a sizeable bowl of coconut and raspberry pudding with a river of thick vanilla custard, and then on to the drink station to collect a glass of water and a deliciously yoghurty lassi.
No veganism for me today im afraid!
After a week of living on fruit and ryvitas, I pretty much inhaled the meal in one go. Trying my best to pace myself, as I knew that the hot spicy concoction would shock my tummy, I savoured each mouthful and reminded myself, that as this meal had been made with love, that this was the manor in which I should eat it. Having said that I was bloody hungry.
So after possibly the most satisfying meal ever, I took my squeaky clean dishes over to the washing station, thanked the big jolly man very much for my flowers and food, and floated out on a cloud of hari hari love, and in need of a gastric bypass.

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